Public Relations Certificate

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The Chicago Institute of Business Online Public Relations Certificate Program is ideal for those in public relations roles or those who want to make a transition to the public relations function.

The program will greatly enhance career roles such as but not limited to account executives, public relations specialist, social media specialist, social media manager, communications coordinator, communications officer, communications assistant, community manager, events manager, events coordinator, engagement officer, information officer, media officer, press officer, journalist, etc.

This online certificate program consists of five courses – four compulsory courses and an elective course. Customize your learning by selecting the appropriate elective course.


As you complete each of the five (5) courses in the Chicago Institute of Business Online Public Relations Cer­tifi­cate Pro­gram, you will be able to auto­mat­i­cally down­load each course cer­tifi­cate. When you complete the fifth course you will find your final certificate in the "My Certificates" section of your account page.

At the end of your study you will have received a total of six (6) cer­tifi­cates of com­ple­tion (5 from each course and an over­all cer­tifi­cate for this pro­gram). We call it the 6-​in-​1 offer!

Better still should you require a stamped hard copy of your certificate(s), we can deliver same to any address of your choosing anywhere in the world. Simply go to the "Order Hard Copy Certificate" section of your account page.

What are you still waiting for? Enroll now for the Chicago Institute of Business Online Public Relations Cer­tifi­cate Pro­gram.

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Program Features

  • Qualification Certification
  • Recognition Global
  • Provider Chicago Institute of Business
  • Prerequisites None
  • Study Mode 100% Online
  • Location Online
  • Start Date Anytime
  • Study Load 50 hours
  • Videos Yes
  • Assessment 80% pass mark. Unlimited attempts. No negative marking
  • Not the Right Certificate Program?
    See Cultural Competency Live Program

Courses: 5 (4 Com­pul­sory and 1 Elec­tive courses)

    Compulsory Courses (4)
  • Effective Business Writing Course
    • Module One: Getting Started
    • Module Two: Working with Words
    • Module Three: Constructing Sentences
    • Module Four: Creating Paragraphs
    • Module Five: Writing Meeting Agendas
    • Module Six: Writing E-mails
    • Module Seven: Writing Business Letters
    • Module Eight: Writing Proposals
    • Module Nine: Writing Reports
    • Module Ten: Other Types of Documents
    • Module Eleven: Proofreading and Finishing
    • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
  • Effective Communication Strategies Course
    • Module One: Getting Started
    • Module Two: The Big Picture
    • Module Three: Understanding Communication Barriers
    • Module Four: Paraverbal Communication Skills
    • Module Five: Non-Verbal Communication
    • Module Six: Speaking Like a STAR
    • Module Seven: Listening Skills
    • Module Eight: Asking Good Questions
    • Module Nine: Appreciative Inquiry
    • Module Ten: Mastering the Art of Conversation
    • Module Eleven: Advanced Communication Skills
    • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
  • Media and Public Relations Course
    • Module One: Getting Started
    • Module Two: Networking for Success (I)
    • Module Three: Networking For Success (II)
    • Module Four: The Meet and Greet
    • Module Five: Dressing for Success
    • Module Six: Writing
    • Module Seven: Setting Goals
    • Module Eight: Media Relations
    • Module Nine: Issues and Crisis Communication Planning
    • Module Ten: Social Media (The PR Toolkit)
    • Module Eleven: Employee Communications
    • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
  • Social Media in the Workplace Course
    • Module One: Getting Started
    • Module Two: What is Social Media?
    • Module Three: Defining Your Social Media Policy (I)
    • Module Four: Defining Your Social Media Policy (II)
    • Module Five: Creating a Living Document
    • Module Six: Keeping an Eye on Security
    • Module Seven: Rules to Follow When Posting (I)
    • Module Eight: Rules to Follow When Posting (II)
    • Module Nine: Benefits of Social Media
    • Module Ten: The Pitfalls of Social Media
    • Module Eleven: Listen to Your Customers
    • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
    Elective Courses (Choose 1 out of the courses below)
  • Body Language Skills Course
    • Module One: Getting Started
    • Module Two: Communicating with Body Language
    • Module Three: Reading Body Language
    • Module Four: Body Language Mistakes
    • Module Five: Gender Differences
    • Module Six: Nonverbal Communication
    • Module Seven: Facial Expressions
    • Module Eight: Body Language in Business
    • Module Nine: Lying and Body Language
    • Module Ten: Improve Your Body Language
    • Module Eleven: Matching Your Words to Your Movement
    • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
  • Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Course
    • Module One: Getting Started
    • Module Two: Overcoming Procrastination (I)
    • Module Three: Overcoming Procrastination (II)
    • Module Four: Four P’s of Goal Setting
    • Module Five: Improving Motivation
    • Module Six: Wise Time Management
    • Module Seven: Tips for Completing Tasks
    • Module Eight: Increase Your Productivity
    • Module Nine: “To Do” List Characteristics
    • Module Ten: Smart Goals
    • Module Eleven: Mistakes Will Happen
    • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
  • Public Speaking Course
    • Module One: Getting Started
    • Module Two: Identifying Your Audience
    • Module Three: Creating a Basic Outline
    • Module Four: Organizing the Program
    • Module Five: Fleshing It Out
    • Module Six: Putting It All Together
    • Module Seven: Being Prepared
    • Module Eight: Overcoming Nervousness
    • Module Nine: Delivering Your Speech (I)
    • Module Ten: Delivering Your Speech (II)
    • Module Eleven: Questions and Answers
    • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
  • Effective Time Management Course
    • Module One: Getting Started
    • Module Two: Setting SMART Goals
    • Module Three: Prioritizing Your Time
    • Module Four: Planning Wisely
    • Module Five: Tackling Procrastination
    • Module Six: Crisis Management
    • Module Seven: Organizing Your Workspace
    • Module Eight: Delegating Made Easy
    • Module Nine: Setting a Ritual
    • Module Ten: Meeting Management
    • Module Eleven: Alternatives to Meetings
    • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up